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Save on HeatingFor great value and service when you're looking for a new furnace or heating system for your Lexington or Central Kentucky home, you can count on the professionalism and expertise you receive from LexPro Heating.  Already the trusted choice for home owners across the area, we can help with a level of friendly service which is second-to-none.  Read more about our new heating system service level guarantee here, and from our other happy customers here.

Stay Cozy** LIMITED OFFER: SAVE UP TO $1750 OFF TOP BRAND FURNACE & HOME COMFORT INSTALLATIONS: Conditions apply, contact us for details on eligibility for promotional discounts, rebates and tax credits. **

1. SAME DAY HEATING: Benefit from free new heating estimates or fast same day repairs today (for repairs and service read more here).

Energy Efficient2. THE IDEAL NEW HEATING SYSTEM: With LexPro heating we can guarantee that you'll be delighted with your new heating system.  Our home comfort experts will help show you the ideal systems for your home, family, lifestyle and budget, and once you've chosen we'll perform a professional installation of the system.  If for whatever reason you're not happy with the system within the first twelve months of ownership, we'll remedy the issue free, or even take the system away and give you a full refund.  It's your assurance of complete peace of mind that you've made the best choice.

Heating Experts3. SAVE ON NEW HEATING SYSTEMS: There has never been a better time to invest in a new heating system, with a range of savings on new heating installations from LexPro Heating. (Conditions apply, call for details).

4. SAVE ON ENERGY: One of the best reasons for upgrading your furnace or central heating system is to take advantage of energy efficiency technology improvements in new systems.  Depending on the age of your old system, this technology can as much as halve your energy expenditure on heating year after year.  Read more about the energy efficiency savings here.

Trusted5. HEATING EXPERTS: When you choose a new heating system, the efficiency of the system is just the laboratory potential.  To realize those savings in your home you need an expert installation.  The EPA advises that choosing a professional heating contractor is one of the most important aspects of getting the most out of your heating system.  LexPro Heating is experienced, fully licensed and insured for your heating needs.

Great Service6. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: You'll be delighted not just with the system, but also with the friendly service.  We guarantee to install the system inside of a day, and to help keep your home clean and tidy.  Our technicians are presentable, polite, friendly and helpful.

7. WRITTEN WARRANTIES: Benefit from written warranties on your new system of up to 10 years.

8. LEADING BRANDS & FEATURES: LexPro Heating is the authorized dealer for some of the leading furnace and heating brands, and can help you with a choice of the leading systems and features for the best choice for your new installation.

9. TRUSTED EXPERTS: LexPro Heating is both a BBB member, and the local Chamber of Commerce.  Enjoy service from a family owned business, committed to our local community.

10. HEATING SYSTEM UPGRADES: Benefit from a range of system upgrades for either your existing furnace, or your new heating system.  Upgrades include programmable thermostats, all of home zoning, humidity control and indoor air quality improvements.

11. FREE ESTIMATES: Offering FREE estimates on your new heating systems, with analysis of how much you can save on your heating energy bills year after year.

For the best service for your new furnace or heating needs across Lexington and Central Kentucky, or to arrange a free no obligation estimate, call and speak with the specialists at LexPro Heating today.

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